Salmonella NGS typing using WGS PCR-free application with Magelia®

Salmonella enterica is the second most reported bacterial cause of food-borne infections in Europe. Therefore, surveillance activities based on pathogen subtyping are an important measure of controlling Salmonellosis by public health agencies. Whole-genome-based typing is becoming the gold standard due to its improved resolution and reduced cost.

Overall Magelia® processing of low input samples enabled characterization of clinically relevant pathogens to the single nucleotide resolution:
  • Blind identification of all Salmonella serotypes for Magelia® treated samples vs. 5/8 samples for manual treatment underline a higher success rate (relevant for regulated environments).
  • Optimal cleanup and negligible adapter-dimer formation made possible thanks to the Magelia® patented magnetic tweezer technology.

Magelia®’s robust and closed system makes it suitable for regulated environments where high quality on low input is crucial.

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