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We are Inorevia

Inorevia is a French startup exploiting cutting-edge patented technologies to accelerate Research in Life Sciences.

By providing researchers and clinicians with innovative tools, Inorevia aims at solving the challenge of increasing complexity in Biology.

At the core of Inorevia’s products lie patented technologies harnessing the power of microfluidics to miniaturize and automate hundreds of Biology protocols, with unprecedented results.

Inorevia’s robust, intuitive and fully automated instruments will pave the way toward a new generation of solutions for Life Sciences.

Meet Our Team
CEO - Technology Enthusiast
COO - Market Listener
Innovation Supporter
Cartridge and Industrialisation Team Lead
Sebastian Aguilar Pierlé
Biology Team Lead
Nathalie Bonatout
Electron Travel Agent
Emmanuel Dumont
Robopsychologist and translator
Julien Dupré de Baubigny
Camille Soucies
Magelia Whisperer
Cem Ozmen
Office Greener
Louis Bourguet
Cartridge expert
Guillaume Deshayes
Mechanical Engineer
Ouerdia Maskri
Marketing scientist
Samia Brahimi
Embedded Software Engineer
Deepanjan Ghosh
Biology Jedi
Our values
We are on a mission to improve Life Sciences and Diagnostic worldwide, by providing a new generation of Researchers and Clinicians with a new generation of tools to accelerate Research.

We believe that along with the goal we aim for, the path we take to reach it matters. Our core values define how we interact with our co-workers, partners and customers.
Scientific Excellence
Our customers aim for excellence in their work, and so do we.
Nobody likes to waste time in endless meetings or unfruitful discussions. We are sincere, straight to the point, and promote actions toward results
We put the human first, always. We flourish in helping our coworkers and customers reach their goals.
Board Members
Jean-Louis Viovy
Scientific advisor and co-founder
Stephanie Descroix
Scientific advisor and co-founder
Laurent Malaquin
Scientific advisor and co-founder
Jacques Lewiner
Member of the board
Frédéric Hayat
Member of the board
Our Partners
Inorevia's technology stems from 15 years of research led at the Institute Curie (UMR168, CNRS).
Inorevia continues to receive strong national and regional support, particularly from the Ile de France region, and EIC Accelerator from Europe.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 873262
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