Viral Nucleic acid enrichment for high-resolution bat virome elucidation using Magelia®

Pr Gonzalo Barriga, PhD. and colleagues from the University of Chile led a study on complex and challenging samples using transcriptomic approaches which was published in the journal Viruses earlier this year.

By applying a novel enrichment strategy which combines traditional methods and the unique features of the Magelia® platform, unprecedented resolution was obtained for a bat virome. This in turn enabled the identification of a new bat virus closely related to PEDV, a viral pathogen of veterinary relevance.

Miniaturization of reactions which improves kinetics, paired with highly precise manipulation of magnetic beads were at the heart of this strategy, all key features provided by the Magelia® platform. Enrichment of such complex samples can be improved by enhancing customary lab techniques with molecular enrichment in Magelia®.

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