Magelia® for WGS PCR-free application – AGBT 2022 General meeting

Looking for a high performance solution for Whole Genome Sequencing studies on low inputs? without the bias from amplification steps?

Pairing New England Biolabs' NEBNext® Ultra™ II FS DNA PCR-free Library Prep Kit for Illumina® with Inorevia’s Magelia® multiomics platform makes your workflow seamless: from genomic DNA to high quality sequencing ready libraries, at and below the low limit of the kit!

This collaboration with NEB was showcased at the Advances in Genome Biology Technology annual meeting in Orlando, Florida on June 6th-9th.

The poster demonstrates high quality libraries, starting from low input samples with exceptionally reliable and stable fragmentation, while removing all amplification induced biases.

Check out the Poster here
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