Highly efficient depletion for an RNA-seq application using an innovative benchtop platform for workflow automation and miniaturization.

In this study, the benefits of using an rRNA depletion application in Magelia® were evaluated for RNA-seq. Equal amounts of human control total RNA (100 ng) were treated in parallel manually and in the Magelia®, using Illumina’s Ribo-Zero Plus rRNA Depletion Kit. 

Highlights include:

  • Improved reaction kinetics allowed for more efficient enzymatic rRNA removal.
  • Lower counts of rRNA reads were found for Magelia® treated samples, underlying improved depletion.
  • Improved transcriptome depth was seen for Magelia® treated samples, highlighting key advantages of the platform’s technology.  
  • Precise magnetic bead manipulation resulted in minimal material loss.
  • Biological concordance was established by verifying the transcriptional status of the top, and bottom 20 transcribed genes reported on the Harmonizome for the studied human cell line.
  • Full RNA-seq library prep is now available in the Magelia®.

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