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More and more analyses are required in Research and Medicine, and limitations are now on samples size, costs and time: we need to be able to do more analyses per sample, faster and better.

With the advent of the multi-OMICs era, the ability to integrate genomic, transcriptomic, epigenomic and proteomic profiling, for split sample treatment, highlights a clear and obvious need for miniaturization.

Our ambition is to miniaturize and democratize modern Biology, to accelerate Research and Medicine, with a focus on complex protocols and steps upstream of analyses.

At Inorevia, we believe that the next step in lab automation is miniaturization. By using a unique and patented combination of microfluidics and magnetic particles, our technology enables the automation of low volume biological protocols to unlock new insights in Life Sciences.
The future of Biology is miniaturized. This trend towards miniaturization of reactional volumes is already ongoing and will grow stronger in the coming years.
Accelerate Research and Development in Medicine and Biology requires new tools capable of reducing total reaction time, hands-on time, and time required to access to new protocols.
Tools for Biology must evolve to become more robust, intuitive and easy to use. Connectivity and embedded intelligence will grant those tools a faster access to a fast-paced and highly dynamic market.
THE MAGELIA PLATFORM: An all-in-one game-changing solution
Magelia is a unique multi-OMICs platform, which harnesses our disruptive core technology for high precision magnetic bead handling in low volumes. Magelia outperforms manual protocols in terms of output quality, process efficiency, turnaround time and robustness. Its full integration drastically reduces the need for multiple lab equipments, integrating all the features required to perform most molecular biology protocols. Its full automation ensures high day-to-day reproducibility.
Magelia Features
  • Smaller
    Using patented technologies, Magelia is capable of miniaturizing reaction volumes, ranging from hundreds of nanoliters to 10 microliters with a very high accuracy and reproducibility.
  • Faster
    In micro-volumes, biology happens faster, with protocols up to 4 times faster compared to manual processing or classical liquid handling automation. Full-automation ensures minimal hands-on-time.
  • Smarter
    Magelia offers a wide range of protocols, that can easily be downloaded and launched from the user interface. Our platform’s closed system prevents evaporation, allowing for improved reaction kinetics.
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