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AGBT 2022 Onperson Conference

We are excited to announce that we are participating at the AGBT 2022 General Meeting in Orlando FL on June 6th-9th, with work performed in collaboration with New England Biolabs.

Our poster showcases a high-performance solution for Whole Genome Sequencing studies on low inputs, removing biases introduced by amplification steps, using INOREVIA's Magelia® multi-omics platform.

Pairing New England Biolabs NEBNext® Ultra™ II FS DNA PCR-free Library Prep Kit for Illumina® with our Magelia® platform makes your workflow seamless: from genomic DNA to high quality sequencing ready libraries, at and below the low limit of the kit!

Come chat with us at poster #603, we can’t wait to discuss your genomics projects with our Biology team Lead Sebastian Aguilar Pierlé about what Magelia can do for you.

You will also find our poster featured in the Waldorf Astoria Park Suite and meet with NEB scientists.

Check out the meeting agenda here
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