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Magelia® Discovery and Demo Seminar co-organized with the sequencing platform of IGFL

What a great pleasure to team up with our partners from the sequencing platform of Institute of Functional Genomics of Lyon (IGFL) to co-host a seminar showcasing Magelia® high quality performances and versatility.

The IGFL is a research unit dedicated to discovery science aiming to understand the role of the genome in animal development, function and evolution with a strong focus on integrative, organism-level research using a diversity of model and non-model organisms. Click here to learn more about IGFL sequencing platform

This event will take place at IGFL facility on September 21st at 10:00 and will be followed by a Magelia® demo (14:00 - 19:00).

For more information on the seminar program, click here

Book your spot here to meet Inorevia’s team of experts, discuss your projects and discover how the Magelia® technology can unlock your multi-omics projects.

Please note that the registration deadline is scheduled for September 14th, the access to the event site is strictly reserved for registrants, upon ID presentation.
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