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Inorevia at the NextGen Omics UK 2023

We’re excited to be part of the NextGen Omics 2023, taking place at ExceL London (ICC Capital Suite) on Nov 9th - 10th.

Meet INOREVIA team at booth #6 and discover the latest news on the Magelia®, our revolutionary platform with unparalleled efficiency.

Don't miss our presentation on Day Two within the 'Bioinformatics Tools & Technologies' track at 12:35pm, by Sebastian Aguilar Pierlé, our Application Development Lead, and Amel Bendali, our Chief Operating officer and co-Founder:

"Once upon a Time… Magelia®, telling the story of a truly innovative automation solution for Omics"

Our team of experts will be happy to discuss your projects and show you a demo of the Magelia® at the booth.

Among our latest news:

- new results showcasing input reduction in transcriptomic studies from human brain RNA

- promising data in the context of stem cell transplantation chimerism assessment

- a new publication on a virome from an Antarctica scavenger for the surveillance of emerging viruses

Unlock your omics applications and boost the potential of your samples with Magelia®!


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