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Highlights of the “Assises de Génétique Humaine et Médicale”

What a great event at the “Assises de Génétique Humaine et Médicale”, taking place in in Rennes on  february 1st - 4th 2022.

The clinical genomic community showed great interest in Magelia® technology. Different players in the human genetics field came across our booth and shared their specific applications, with challenges related to increasing assay sensitivity, dealing with low input/poor quality material and streamlining their applications.

Furthermore, It was a pleasure to share the work done by our team together with New England Biolabs on a WGS PCR-free application with a fully-automated workflow on Magelia® by INOREVIA, from gDNA to ready-to sequence libraries. The NEBNext® Ultra™ II FS DNA PCR-free Library Prep Kit for Illumina + Magelia® enabled us to produce high quality libraries, starting from low input samples with exceptionally reliable and stable fragmentation, while removing all amplification induced biases.

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